3.6. iResearch Reporter -TRIM reports 

iResearch Reporter -TRIM reports

Topical Research Information Modules (TRIMs) are sophisticated research topical reports, containing in-depth information analysis. TRIMs can be expanded or updated by a new documents collected using different search queries or data resources. TRIMs provide a multi-perspective, panoramic view of information in your research area.

TRIMs are available for free evaluation upon request.

TRIM reports provide two approaches
to better, faster understanding of topics and issues.

1. TRIM-categorization - This report is organized into dynamically-generated topical groups or categories. Categories are NOT pre-assigned, but created by analysis of the words and phrases occurring in the total set of documents..A summary or "abstract" of relevant content from a given document is displayed within each category. Each category thus contains a focused analysis of the relevant content from each document.

2. TRIM-summarization - This report is also organized into dynamically-generated categories, and presented in content-ranked order. Each category or topical heading offers an overview of the relevant content from the full set of documents. This delivers a global view of your topical information.

TRIM-categorization examples:

online learning


border security

illegal immigrants

TRIM information summarization examples:

renewable energy

health care policy

gun control

colonial America

customer opinions

home buyer preferences

illegal aliens

seeking missing children

Oregon history, african-americans