2.1. What IS iResearch-Reporter? 

iResearch-Reporter (TM)
"Research Engine"
for Information USERS

4 subscription levels - $9.90 - $34.90 per month

iResearch-Reporter.com saves you time, headaches, and very probably money, whenever you work on any kind of research or information-seeking task. It totally reduces your headwork and frustration.

iResearch-Reporter.com automates your analysis of materials you find using Google or other automated search engines, It completely and automatically prepares easily-readable, organized, summary text/HTML research reports.

iResearch-Reporter.com reports feature:

  • Easy natural language search queries, no commands, Boolean logic, none of that geeky stuff!
  • Automatic identification of synonyms, word variations, special usage or jargon, shades of meaning, anything that makes searching difficult.
  • Concise text summaries of the important content, ideas, topical information, and issues that occur within the full set of retrieved documents.
  • Organized reports which cluster together facts, issues, information, and names that "belong together," under a simple descriptive phrase or sentence.
  • Embedded URLs or Web links to take you instantly take you directly to the full source document for every reported fact.
  • TRIMs (Topical Research Information Modules) - user-defined reports that fully investigate and multi-dimensionally analyze any topic or name you want. TRIMs are complete basic research summary reports that handle the slow, laborious, start-up work for any research project. TRIMs can include either topical overview summarization or document content summaries.
  • A complete, speedy road-map or "cheatsheet" that gets you to the desired information fast.