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Solid, high-quality research means
low, hard, demanding, dreary, labor-intensive work, right?
But it doesn't have to be that way!

[Affiliate Name] is pleased to recommend and sponsor the excellent online research tool described below. {We receive royalty payments for subscribers originating from our Web site. All royalty income is used to...}

iResearch-Reporter is an inexpensive new automated research tool that delivers quick understanding of the Big Picture. It makes your research work quick, easy, and painless.

iResearch-Reporter smooths any researcher, writer, or student's progress towards understanding, absorbing, and remembering Facts and Information and Connections. Gets you crystal-clear understanding of WHAT you're writing about before you start writing!

  • 4 Subscription Levels - Starting at $9.90/48 hours - $34.90/month
  • Automatic overview summaries compiled from all the top relevant documents retrieved by your Web search engine.
  • Organized, easily-readable, prose text, summary research reports.
  • Links to exact original document location of EVERY fact and statement.
  • Easy searching - just use a few words describing your topic

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Sample Affiliate / Sponsor Page