7.1. iRR User Comments & Reviews 

iRR User Comments & Reviews



User Comments: 

  • “I have ‘heart palpitations’ just reading the first pages. I can’t even imagine how it is possible to collect information into such an accessible format. As a very busy and collaborative community project building grounded theory, we owe you the moon and many bright gems for introducing this wonderful web research application into our lives.”
       – Marilyn Dyck, Executive Director, The Doorway
  • "It's hard to believe how fast and how good this software is! Any decent journalist can use this to write a good, well-informed article, on just about any topic, in 15 or 20 minutes!"
    – Bob Burns, Broadcaster, New Mexico

  • "This is superb, makes it a snap to quickly check medical conditions and the efficacy of alternate treatment approaches."
    – Bill Stice, M.D., Salem OR

  • “In a minute or two, the Reporter can produce a report that would require an individual to complete the job of scanning through perhaps 15,000 documents! ...The system is easy to manage and operate, and the users really appreciate the ease of use. They place high value on the information reporting capability of the Reporter service.”
    –Ted Gage, Consultant/Operator of the HLS Reporter version of
    iResearch Reporter.
    (Regional data intelligence searching system, for the North Texas Homeland Security Regional Team)

  • "This is a very cool Web search and summarization tool. It is a search engine and compiler that analyzes search results and combines them into unified narratives. ...You might not want to tell high school kids about iResearch Reporter as it combines information from resources in a way that might easily be used to fulfill assignments! Plus, it provides the references."
    – Donna L. Cohen, MLIS, MEd, Information Management Consultant

  • "The Internet has...revolutionized how people retrieve, define, and evaluate information. As the types of available information expand and the amount explodes, new software approaches to content analysis and summarization will have a major effect on information access and use. It facilitates knowledge discovery. The buzzword term for this software approach is text mining. One of the first publicly available products of this type is offered by Power Text Solutions Ltd (PTS).  PTS was commissioned to develop a special desktop version of the summarization engine to monitor and investigate the area of Homeland Security issues. The powerful textual analysis ability is produced by the combination of the text interpretation, definition of specialized vocabulary, linguistic and semantic analysis, and analysis of language patterns."
    – Ernest Perez, Ph.D.
    "Managing the Information Explosion With Power Text Solutions' Text Mining and Summarization Software," Online Magazine.
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