6.2. Improve Your Research using iResearch-Reporter 

Productive Research using iResearch Reporter

iResearch Reporter automatically organizes, summarizes, and reports the important content contained in the large sets of documents that you find using Web search engines or other electronic information retrieval systems.

Well-structured Pertinent Information

iResearch Reporter  saves you enormous amounts of time with completely automatic content research based on the words you use in your search. It automatically identifies the major points actually contained in the document texts. Your results don't depend on how good a searcher you are. Your reports highlight the communal wisdom actually contained in the documents you retrieve.

Best of all, the reports are automatically into sections containing like material. This means you get logical groups of information suited for easy reading and learning. You don't get hit & miss disorganized jumbles of facts, as with a Google hit list. iResearch Reporter analyzes your web search results on the fly. It skims off the cream from what you've found.