2.2. Is iResearch Reporter a "Search Engine"? 

Is iResearch Reporter a "Search Engine"?

Short answer: No, it's not.

iResearch Reporter is a frontend portal. It"passes along" user queries to selected search engines or other automated information retrieval systems. It analyzes the most relevant of the documents retrieved by the search engine, and prepares reports which organize and summarize important or significant content contained in the retrieved documents.

  • iResearch Reporter  relays a user query to the targeted search engine or information retrieval system.
  • It waits for the retrieved document set to be returned.
  • It captures the full text of a defined number the most relevant documents.
  • It analyzes the document full texts to identify and extract sentences that are relevant to the user query.
  • It uses linguistic processing to identify text variants such as synonyms, technical terms and language, verb tenses, etc.
  • It groups sentences dealing with very similar content together into clusters.
  • It prepares an organized (by clusters) report using the extracted sentences to compose easily readable sections of text.
  • It insures easily readable and grammatically correct texts, compatible in such elements as verb tenses, singular/plural, pronoun antecedents or references, etc.

Thus, iResearch Reporter  is not a search engine. It's an interpreter and analyzer that extracts and concentrates knowledge content for quick & easy information transfer and learning.