2.4. Organized Content Summaries Mean Faster Understanding 

Organized Content Summaries Mean Faster Understanding

Content Summarization Means Faster Understanding






Information summaries or overviews - iResearch Reporter is an important advance for topical information learning and understanding.

  • Linguistic processing automatically covers synonyms, word variant forms, jargon or specialized terms, etc.
  • Automated linguistic analysis selects and extracts sentences containing important text relevant to the user's query or topic.
  • iResearch Reporter "clusters" or organizes the extracts into commonsense topical groups, based on linguistic ranking of text content.
  • Extract clusters are assembled into grammatically-correct, easily-readable, paragraph-like prose text reports.
  • URL links point to the exact location of every extract in the original source document.
  • iResearch Reporter reports are thus a distillation of the communal wisdom or knowledge contained in the full texts of numerous documents relevant to your topical search.

 iResearch Reporter doesn't just display links and one-liners.
 It creates organized and concentrated content information by multiple authors directly from multiple original documents.