5.2. Custom Study Guides 

Speedy preparation of Custom Study Guides

Teachers, tutors, study buddies, mentors can all use iRR for quick preparation of study guides that speed up learning and understanding of practically any subject or topical area. This means you can provide custom help to individuals, not just whole classes or groups.

Custom Study GuidesiRR reports automatically locate and distill the "communal wisdom" of the Web. The reports analyze large sets of relevant documents and extract the major ideas, facts, information, etc., found in the text of those multiple documents. The result is a consensus of Web author information. There's no subjective analysis or opinion involved in preparing the reports.


Custom Study Guides


All material in iRR reports comes from linguistic analysis of the text used by the original writers of the retrieved documents. The analysis identifies ideas or concepts that repeatedly occur across the multiple documents. These concepts are not "made up" or arbitrarily assigned. They originate in the words of the original authors.