5.3. Student Users 

Student Users

Answering Student's Prayers

iResearch Reporter is a great solution for speeding student learning, preparation for classes on virtually any subject, and for quickly increasing knowledge mastery in both broad and specialized areas.

Student Users

Students at all levels benefit from the speed and wide overview of iRR topical searches. It's a wonderful tool for studying, test preparation, preparing to write reports or papers, and super-fast mastery and understanding of any topic.

iRR "Text-Mining" technology uses a variety of useful technology approaches to create a powerful study and learning tool which contributes real power to human research efforts. This leveraging assistance includes:

  • Incredible ease of use - "Searching" from your simple description of the topic you are investigating. Just 3-5 keywords or terms, no complicated logical queries or commands.
  • Research horsepower - speedy analysis that produces organized summaries of the full content and important sub-topics from dozens or hundreds of Web and electronic text documents.
  • Clear and understandable - concise, readable, and logically-organized text summaries identifying and covering all major topics and subtopics of the information you're looking for.
  • "Artificial Curiosity" and flexibility  - sophisticated linguistic analysis of your search query "understands" what you mean, quickly finds good answers by automatically identifying synonyms, word or term variations, important facts, concepts, people and organizations; even identifying pro and con statements or subjective evaluations in the original documents.
  • Complete analysis - comprehensive automatic identification of every important aspect or subtopic relating to your question. (Overkill, but if you're not interested, simply skip that section.)
  • Extensive links to follow-up information - Instant followup for verification, evaluation, deeper understanding, and context analysis of every bit of information. (Every summary statement has Web URL links to the exact location of the source information.)
  • Pinpoint targeting - Easy selection by major topic areas, types of information, biographical or business emphasis; you can even limit your search to single sites or your own custom list of sites.
  • Completely objective - No favoritism or bias limitations, iRR automatically "mines" the Web for relevant prose content, identifying ideas and information content common across multiple  relevant documents located by your selected search engine. Since it's looking for consensus information of the Web communal memory, there are minimal problems from "far-out" or off-the-wall information content.