10. How to use this Web site 

How to use this Web site

This Web site uses the Web Idea Tree site-building program. It features an outline-based editor, and special indexing tools.How to use this Web site



Navigation Notes:

  1. Major topics listing - The left column of all site pages contains links to major topic headings. Clicking on the "+" (plus) sign besides a topic, displays any lower topic headings.
  2. "Bread crumbs trail" of links to any levels above the current topic. This is below the page header, above the blue-bar highlighting for the current topic name. Click on any one of these topics to jump immediately to that page.
  3. Keyword links - Above page footing, there's a listing of the index keyword topics assigned to that page. Clicking on a keyword jumps to a list of all pages with that keyword.
  4. Table of Contents - Just above the page footer, there is a link to a hierarchical site map or Table of Contents.
  5. Site Index - an alphabetic list of keyword index links to all pages. It is located besides the Table of Contents link.