3.5. iResearch Reporter News Feed Researcher 

iResearch Reporter
News Feed Researcher

Instant background familiarization about today's Google News Feed stories.

Special Demonstration - Today's News Feed Researcher menu!

  1. Select Google News Feed Category in left column of News Feed Researcher screen.
  2. Click on story of interest in the Category Screen.

The automatically-generated Topic Overview provides solid background information for the News Feed story, plus it contains URL links to further Web news items on that topic.

More Quick Examples: Automatic reports for selected news stories of 2/21/2012.

iResearch Reporter, News, International,
Koran Burning in NATO Error Incites Afghans

iResearch Reporter, News, U.S.,
Graham: Not sure if Obama is Christian

iResearch Reporter, News, Health,
FDA says new suppliers to ease 2 cancer drug shortages

iResearch Reporter, News, Technology,
300-million-year-old 'Chinese Pompeii' found buried under volcanic ash

iResearch Reporter, News, Sports,
NASCAR officials confident in concussion policy

iResearch Reporter, News, Entertainment,
Sotheby's to sell Edvard Munch's "The Scream"