1.2. Value for Knowledge Workers 

Value for Knowledge WorkersValue for Knowledge Workers

iResearch Reporter is the "secret weapon" for Information or Knowledge Professionals. If you make your living by learning about "things" and then communicating that information to others, this online research tool is essential.


iResearch Reporter...

  • Saves You Time & Money - Cut your research time to a fraction of what you used to need. (You could save 1/2 - 2/3 of your research time)
  • Upgrades Research Quality  - Your simple natural-language query automatically handles relevant plurals, different tenses, synonyms, misspellings, jargon or technical usage, related ideas, etc.
  • "Text-Mining" - Quickly locate the "Communal Wisdom" of the Web, digest the knowledge of dozens or hundreds of people and organizations about your specific topical interest.Value for Knowledge Workers


  • Pre-Digested Information Reports - scans full text of dozens or hundreds of documents to extract "what you really need to know" about major topics, issues, persons, companies, events, and more.
  • Clear English Reports - Topically organized, understandable, grammatically-correct English prose text.
  • Guided, Fast Learning - Concise information, with Web URL links to exact position of text in original documents. Plus all the links in those documents!