1.1. Value for Elementary & Secondary Education 

iResearch Reporter Value
for Elementary & Secondary Education

Value for Elementary & Secondary Education






iResearch Reporter is a valuable tool to improve the study and learning of elementary & secondary students. It's like a super-powered 21st Century version of Cliff's Notes (TM). Except, now, it's instantly tailored and personalized to any subject, topic, person, & special angle needed by student learners.

As the Web's material & content has expanded, it's greatly improved in both content & quality. The mass of decentralized information on the Web results in shared "communal wisdom" instantly accessible to all of us. Both expert and novice users now get easy access to general and specific information.

iRR improves knowledge access

You don't just get easy search engine results with iRR. Instead you get organized, summarized, concentrated information content, "mined" from dozens or hundreds of highly relevant Web documents. Plus, it's delivered to you complete with instant linked access to the exact position of text in the full text of original documents. This is like "instant access to footnotes" in printed text. It's just like the old days in the printed book library, except easier and faster.